@Peach_SF Weekly Twitter Update for 2011-09-25

  • Measuring kids BMIs is "a core, essential step in approach to childhood obesity epidemic…as long as it's done right"
    http://t.co/vZCNgwdW #
  • Do farm subsidies aid childhood #obesity
    http://t.co/Bmnp5Fng #
  • Report: steady flow of taxpayer $$$ going to support high fructose corn syrup & other food additives used in junk food
    http://t.co/jntpwQEJ #
  • Community near Liverpool considers ban on fast food outlets within 400m of schools
    http://t.co/k4wSk7kY #obesity #
  • Angry Mom Amy Kalafa talks about her new book "Lunch Wars" Thursday Sept. 22, 7pm at Books Inc, Alameda (CA); PEACHSF will be there, join us #
  • Harvard study shows that students at schools banning soda drink less soda even when they are not at school
    http://t.co/CHtZ63Ce #
  • Calgary high school students support ban on junk food at school
    http://t.co/1dpO2vyB #obesity #junkfood #
  • Santa Cruz (CA) Food Bank Switches Focus From Calories to Nutrition; soda and junk food out, fresh produce in
    http://t.co/D6zHeN6b #
  • Michael Pollan: the food movement is about to gain a powerful new partner – the healthcare industry
    http://t.co/owHLlxoy #
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