@Peach_SF Weekly Twitter Update for 2011-10-02

  • Better food costs more: "A serving of fresh cantaloupe…costs the [school] district about 20¢ more than canned fruit"
    http://t.co/0sGZSd8S #
  • What Can a City Farm Accomplish? Book is celebration of community brought together through shared labors on city farm
    http://t.co/e6HAUizu #
  • Recess before lunch: Principals report better student behavior in the cafeteria, classroom, and on the playground
    http://t.co/qLzGxUaL #
  • Orfalea Foundation pays for healthy changes to Lompoc (CA) public schools' meal program
    http://t.co/YcVyEYEd #schoollunch #
  • Outside funding pays for salad bars and a full time dietitian for New Haven (Conn.) public schools
    http://t.co/e7Gehkp2 #schoollunch #
  • UCLA nutrition doc to potato pushers "School cafeteria should…not [be] a copy of a fast-food restaurant"
    http://t.co/K3hhObcD #obesity #
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