@Peach_SF Weekly Twitter Update for 2011-10-09

  • $4.28 million grant lets 2 Maine regions hire new school chefs & nutrition consultants, install salad bars, and more
    http://t.co/l5aGWrc0 #
  • Mass. elementary school parents object to 15 minute school lunch period
    http://t.co/BpVjdsDx #
  • One driver of $167 billion cost of US hunger: more expensive public education due to cost of poor education outcomes http://t.co/4uVeRZ2U #
  • Study: school lunches usually have fruit, veg, and dairy; homemade lunches more likely to have unhealthy snacks/drinks
    http://t.co/iEej5msD #
  • The end of school bake sales
    http://t.co/ZHzrqpwi #
  • Consumers are products of targeted marketing, strategically reaching specific consumer groups to influence purchases
    http://t.co/eAZjgji0 #
  • Federal poverty level falls short of meeting basic needs in every county in California
    http://t.co/CqQ6Hl25 #poverty #hunger #
  • Iowa corn growers push back against USDA ban on high fructose corn syrup in school meals
    http://t.co/ctAo3LVG #
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