@Peach_SF Weekly Twitter Update for 2011-10-30

  • What – you haven't voted for our #Myplate video yet? C'mon, show us some love, & help get kids to eat more fruits & veg
    http://t.co/wLAdvmPV #
  • Why offer empty calories? RT @thelunchtray: Important questions 2 ask ourselves re selling a la carte foods in schools: http://t.co/crNDDWRr #
  • Check out our entry "On the go snack boxes" in the USDA Myplate Fruit and Veggie Video Challenge and pls vote for us at http://t.co/7uAZJWLK #
  • Breakfast in classroom gaining traction in California elementary schools, especially those with 80%+ low income kids
    http://t.co/n1SuXLJ6 #
  • Food service director: Going back to made-from-scratch is hard
    "Schools have kitchens so tiny they can hardly move"
    http://t.co/iaRGVKf3 #
  • Alternatives to junk food in the classroom: healthy #Halloween treats guide (in Spanish and Chinese too)
    http://t.co/TROC25IA #
  • Celebrate Food Day – come be the 100th person to "like" PEACHSF on Facebook!
    http://t.co/qfuiAjHZ #FoodDay #
  • What does it really cost to serve delicious healthy scratch cooked food in our public schools?
    http://t.co/Jh1cEJ0M #FoodDay #schoollunch #
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