@Peach_SF Weekly Twitter Update for 2011-11-13

  • LAUSD's new school lunch menu a hit with parents, but with kids, not so much
    http://t.co/gNDfKIas #schoollunch #
  • Margo Wootan: Congress fighting to keep pizza & French fries on school menus despite an obesity problem nationally
    http://t.co/iLUzLmfl #
  • New Haven (CT) school food director attributes program deficit to higher cost of healthy food; better food costs more!
    http://t.co/d1XrArRX #
  • Researchers find National School Lunch Program reduces both food insecurity and obesity among its participants
    http://t.co/nzWOwYuC #
  • Yakima (WA) students learn to love fresh produce thanks to funding from the USDA's Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program
    http://t.co/5XLbHK8J #
  • Montclair (NJ) students happier as district drops Aramark for Chartwells; daily menu includes pizza, burgers & fries
    http://t.co/MuqYNSdE #
  • More than 78% of residents of low-income San Pablo (CA) live within 500 feet of a vendor selling sugary beverages
    http://t.co/O1V6qTC3 #
  • Corporate sponsorship in schools can harm students, experts say
    http://t.co/MM72Mvrx #
  • Public schools in Douglas Co. (NE) adding local food to lunch menus using farm to school toolkit funded by CDC grant
    http://t.co/vDcJiOss #
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