@Peach_SF Weekly Twitter Update for 2011-12-04

  • "Profit, not health, is the priority of food service management companies, food processors and even elected officials"
    http://t.co/7Hb5yYna #
  • Marion Nestle: "The farm bill has to be American special-interest politics at its worst."
    http://t.co/4n3vQbsE #
  • Bettina Elias Siegal @thelunchtray nails the issue of the stigma of eating school food, and the link to cyberbullying
    http://t.co/y6y1XtV5 #
  • Buffalo (NY) school district moving towards a policy to feed all students lunch for free
    http://t.co/MhkcODWx #schoollunch #hunger #
  • NYC schools ending Universal School Meals, which offered free breakfast and lunch to all students, due to budget cuts
    http://t.co/FBVncY2x #
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