@Peach_SF Weekly Twitter Update for 2011-12-11

  • MI school district admin on school lunch: " "For a very large number of kids, it's the best meal they get all day"
    http://t.co/KsKsv7l4 #
  • Gooding (ID) School District Superintendent: School lunch program definitely plays a role in student achievement.
    http://t.co/dp4HjDE1 #
  • Sen. Wyden (OR) to introduce bill easing regs for food stamp & school lunch programs to work w/local farms & ranchers
    http://t.co/IadzqpNL #
  • Revolution Foods charges charter school $3.60-3.85 plus tax per "healthy" lunch; govt. reimbursement is just $2.77
    http://t.co/wb3pVzLA #
  • Will Armark and Houston ISD Soon Be Parting Ways? And If So, Then What?
    The Spork Report is on the case!
    http://t.co/sp0zng7u #
  • Houston schools officials may end contract with food provider Aramark after company incurs $1.9 million loss for HISD
    http://t.co/yK2w0iSn #
  • Real enemy of parent's right to choose what children eat is scarcity of healthy options in many schools & neighborhoods
    http://t.co/J5HBfl5O #
  • Are electronic cards allowing anonymity for using public food benefits like SNAP or school lunch programs a bad thing?
    http://t.co/dAHkPLrh #
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