Board of Education Responses to Prop H Correspondence

Various people who have written the BOE members about the Prop. H
issue are sharing the responses they’re getting, which
(understandably) are form responses.

  • Jane Kim’s is most notable, since she voted at the BOE Budget
    Committee meeting a couple of weeks ago against inserting “new” before
    “in-kind services” in the resolution. She said the schools shouldn’t
    be treating the Board of Supervisors like an ATM. Hurray — she has
    come around and now supports inserting “new.”

    Here’s what she says now: “I completely agree and will be advocating for
    new, in-kind services on Thursday. It is great to see the community
    coming out and rallying for our schools and children.

    “As you may or may not know, I served for three terms on the Prop H
    committee prior to being elected to the Board of Education and plan to
    be a strong advocate for Prop H and new, increased services from San

  • Jill Wynns firmly supports specifying “new,” as she always has. She
    was practically exploding at that BOE Budget Committee meeting because
    she couldn’t speak on the issue, since the new BOE’s policy is that no
    BOE member who is not on the committee may speak at any BOE committee

    “I am totally against any manipulation of the Prop H funding. I am
    working hard to get the word “new” into the resolution.”

  • Eric Mar seems to feel that city officials are justified in trying
    to minimize the support they provide schools under Prop. H.

    “the supervisors though have us in a tough spot. We need to pass the
    nov 07 school parcel tax measure and we need their support for it.
    They are also in a tough financial crunch this year as well. We are
    doing what we can to protect prop H within this difficult political
    and economic climate with the City.”

  • Also worth repeating: District 7 Supervisor Sean Elsbernd, who
    originally seemed pretty dedicated to minimizing what the city
    provided to support the schools, listened to D7 parents — first in a
    barrage of e-mails and then in a meeting with about 12-15 D7 residents — and
    agreed that he could support specifying “new” before “in-kind services.”

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