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Center for Ecoliteracy’s “Rethinking School Lunch”

A planning framework which identifies ten aspects of school operations that relate to food change—ten pathways that allow you to begin the change process from a place that fits your resources, interests, and opportunities.

Ice Cream Truck


Novato (CA) city officials ban food trucks near schools

A six-year effort pays off for nutrition advocates

Salad Bar


San Francisco Unified School District’s Decade of Progress in Improving School Food

Fish Tacos


Locally caught fish on the Sitka middle school menu

Local processors donate fish to help students eat healthier


A parent’s success story: Jenna Pepper

Oldies but Goodies


Challenging the Soda Companies: The LAUSD Soda Ban by the Center for Food and Justice


Healthy food, healthy kids

Read about how San Francisco began getting soda and junk food out of its schools with this pilot project at one middle school during the 2002-03 school year

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